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  • Cole Murphree shared a photo.
    4 hours 45 minutes ago

  • Marshall Miller uploaded a video.
    19 hours 31 minutes ago
    Marc Spess That's some nice motion you put into that.
    3 hours 28 minutes ago
  • Marshall Miller uploaded a video.
    19 hours 31 minutes ago
    Stop mo warm up 1

    Quick little warm up I did to get ready for a stop motion project.

  • Marshall Miller uploaded a video.
    19 hours 32 minutes ago
  • Marc Spess

    Our future broadcasts will be directly on YouTube. I will be making a video in the near future explaining how it will work. Unfortunately Livestream updated their site and is kicking out the little broadcasters.

    Marc Spess It seems like they are updating their live streaming program since 2013 and are migrating to a new system. It will only allow recorded shows to be saved for 30 days, then they will delete them. If I pay, it can cost up to 900 a's very expensive. With YouTube it will be saved forever and it seems like the tests I did worked really good. It's also free. I need to figure out if I can embed them into our site. If not, I can post a link to where everyone can watch and take part in the chat.
    18 hours 32 minutes ago
  • 2ndhand shared 6 photos in the 2014 Set Design album
    2 days ago

    Here are some photos of a dining room set/ puppet I am working on for a stop motion short. The table was handmade, the chairs were made from mini...
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  • 2ndhand has liked donghai's Photo

  • Jason Rodgers commented on donghai's album

    2 days ago

    Love it. I think its great to be able to use humble cheap materials and make it look fantastic, would like to see more of that in stop-motion.

  • Stamp Motion Studio commented on donghai's album

    3 days ago

    you took my idea of using cardboard for everything! I guess mine won't be as original then

  • patrick uploaded a new Profile cover

    4 days ago

  • Randy Boyum uploaded a video.
    4 days ago
    Magical Christmas - Greeting Card

    Merry Christmas! -- This is a Christmas card animated with pixilation - stop motion of the human body. Happy Holidays! Seasons Greetings!

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  • donghai shared 12 photos in the Stop-motion Animation [End of crisis] album
    4 days ago

  • Stamp Motion Studio commented on this video

    4 days ago

    I see toooo many mistakes in this. but hey, I can only learn from my mistakes!

    Mr. Clay in

    Mr. Clay is here! another Mr. Clay episode will be coming very shortly. This episode was poorly planned out, and you can see the lighting changes...

  • Marc Spess
    4 days ago

    If you want to spend some time honing your stop motion skill set, join our latest six week short film challenge. Here's the forum thread where you can learn what the topic is and post your films:…

  • Madrone Candea shared a photo.
    5 days ago

    Morphed a generic male model from the free Make Human app, in Blender, to get this design for my director "Jamie Cameron" character. I loosely followed a front and side view sketch I did first in Sketchbook. I think I am better at designing stuff in CGI than I am in clay. Still want to animate him in clay. There are more CGI jobs than stop-motion? I should also make a better reel for CGI?

    Madrone Candea Wish I could just hit the print button and have him in clay like that...
    5 days ago 1
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