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  • Julian Grant
    26 minutes ago

    Made a number of clay films. Will post samples here as the New Year begins.

  • Jack McCaffrey link a video.
    3 hours 14 minutes ago
    Rabbit Trick

    Awaking in an empty room, a small rabbit discovers what lies beyond his cell door.

    New animation I finished called Rabbit Trick. Final film for my college portfolio! =)

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  • donghai uploaded a video.
    10 hours 58 minutes ago
    "Merry Christmas" Stopmotion Animation

    为香港蓝盒玩具公司制作的圣诞节宣传片 Featurette

  • donghai uploaded a video.
    11 hours 2 minutes ago
    Car StopMotion Animation 停格动画 铁皮汽车大赛

    2013年7月辞职后一段时间没什么事情,就到朋友公司借他们的场地创作了这部一分钟的玩具动画。纯娱乐,有几个镜头没拍,还有音效没有做好,因为我并不擅长这个工作。 Vimeo:

  • donghai uploaded a video.
    11 hours 3 minutes ago
    定格动画MV《嗯哼》Stop-motion Animation MV

    一支没有歌手出演,没有歌词可唱,没有乐器可用的实验音乐MV。 演员是顺手撵出来的精子和卵子以及黑胶唱片、CD专辑、图书、废弃的饮料瓶等等; 歌区是在“主哼”便秘蹲茅坑时“唱”出的“歌词”; 音乐是通过采集生活中的噪音!通过采集物品敲击、碰撞发出的声音混合成音乐。 这是L1STALLDO...

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  • donghai uploaded a video.
    11 hours 5 minutes ago
  • Jim Reeve uploaded a video.
    18 hours 36 minutes ago
    Monk walking through crypt

    Opening scene for my new animation project. This short scene has been uploaded to allow comment. Does the walk look convincing to you? Please let me...

  • Nicola Dal Pont commented on Ador L'Emplume's album

    2 days ago

    Very cool stuff! I'm impressed!

  • Jason Rodgers
    2 days ago

    Puppet construction begins. Looking forward to finishing a new puppet! - feeling happy

  • Cole Murphree shared a photo.
    3 days ago

  • Marshall Miller uploaded a video.
    3 days ago
    Marshall Miller Thanks! Had been re-reading Animators Survival Kit, so much good advice in that book.
    21 hours 14 minutes ago
  • Marshall Miller uploaded a video.
    3 days ago
    Stop mo warm up 1

    Quick little warm up I did to get ready for a stop motion project.

  • Marshall Miller uploaded a video.
    3 days ago
  • Marc Spess
    4 days ago

    Our future broadcasts will be directly on YouTube. I will be making a video in the near future explaining how it will work. Unfortunately Livestream updated their site and is kicking out the little broadcasters.

    Marc Spess It seems like they are updating their live streaming program since 2013 and are migrating to a new system. It will only allow recorded shows to be saved for 30 days, then they will delete them. If I pay, it can cost up to 900 a's very expensive. With YouTube it will be saved forever and it seems like the tests I did worked really good. It's also free. I need to figure out if I can embed them into our site. If not, I can post a link to where everyone can watch and take part in the chat.
    3 days ago
  • 2ndhand shared 6 photos in the 2014 Set Design album
    5 days ago

    Here are some photos of a dining room set/ puppet I am working on for a stop motion short. The table was handmade, the chairs were made from mini...
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