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  • Shaun Bloom
    1 hour 59 minutes ago

    I finally decided to start a Kickstarter to see if I can get some funding to finish making my 1st animated short film. Figured it couldn't hurt to try, plus the "helpful pressure" and deadline might help me focus and get more motivated

  • selmerkastalje has liked a Group

    3 hours 52 minutes ago

    Silicone Molding and Casting Group

    This group is for questions and information on all things related to molding and casting with silicone. There are so many questions about...

  • Ron Cole replied to Silicone Life Span
    5 hours 13 minutes ago

    Nope, it's not possible that moisture was the cause and it was in a cool place. It was right next to all my other silicone and all the other...

  • Marc Spess replied to Silicone Life Span
    5 hours 23 minutes ago

    Maybe the batch they sold you was already old. Burman Industries usually can tell you, they keep track with batch numbers (at least I think they...

  • Ron Cole replied to Silicone Life Span
    20 hours 18 minutes ago

    Hi Marc - The containers were tightly closed and mostly full. They have been sitting on the cool and relatively dark floor of my basement so, I'm...

  • bigwig uploaded a video.
    20 hours 22 minutes ago
  • Jason Rodgers commented on this photo

    20 hours 23 minutes ago

    Clay Mara Thanks! Normally I would design my feet better, but you will not really see the legs so the puppets will be attached to...

  • bigwig shared 2 photos in the bigwig's Photos album
    20 hours 27 minutes ago

    random pics
  • Marc Spess replied to Silicone Life Span
    21 hours 50 minutes ago

    I haven't experienced that ever myself. Usually the catalyst is what dries up on me before the Part A does. I know you can speed up the cure time by...

  • Shaun Bloom shared a photo.
    22 hours 2 minutes ago

    Helped my youngest son make his 1st wire armature. He's putting the clay on it right now with a big smile on his face

  • Clay Mara commented on Jason Rodgers's photo

    22 hours 7 minutes ago

    Love these,are they able to stand really good?

  • Ron Cole posted a new discussion

    22 hours 52 minutes ago

    Silicone Life Span

    I was surprised today when I opened up a kit of silicone I purchased just a few months ago (Smooth-On OOMOO 30) and found that the 'Part A' had...

    Silicone Molding and Casting Group
  • Clay Mara has liked a Video


    Onno episode 1

    A spin of series from my live action film "nature of onno" Nature of onno is still going trough the editing process thats why the start of the series relise came first. Onno episode 1 He is covered in plants when they disepair Onno is becoming visible,he wakes up looks at his surroundings and makes some plants move with his hands. Here some information about my upcoming live action film Nature Of Onno: Onno is a natural, dreamy but curious man who lives in a separate world. The plants and the stones to tell him more than people. Who is he? What should he be? An encounter with a magician, a magic book that his steps appear to predict and hallucinatory experiences in a magical cave follow. Directed and Created by Tamara Tanger (Clay Mara) Camera-man and Editing by Luimar Baarh Acting by Jason Van Der Kruk Music by Xavier Geerman

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