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Clay added a video. 14 hours 10 minutes ago

All my work from the past 7 years! - feeling cool


Younow: Diviantart: Instagram everyday:@seaflapflap...

I am looking for someone to create an animated 60 second claymation I will be looking in the New Year so e mail if interested. It is to promote the... Show more…

This is a fun stop motion video, with some background in the article.

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Jim added a video. 7 days ago

What A Wonderful World

A short clip with a fish singing "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong.

Jim has liked a Video 7 days ago

Creator VS Clay (Stop Motion Short)

Enjoy! (Sorry for the lighting I had to work with what I had.) Social media: SUPPORT MY CHANNEL - TWITTER -...

Merlo added a video. 1 week ago

#BreakTheNet Task 4 - Cats On Too Much Catnip

Contestant: Nic Red Bio: I'm a vlogger at heart.. But love a good challenge. I want to make a career out of doing what I like. Join me on my journey...

animateclay Really funny Merlo! 1 week ago
RandyB commented on this photo 1 week ago

Working on AHS #3

This is a fun project I'm making. I'm asking my subscribers on YouTube to send me pictures of their original characters so that I can...
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