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  • Randy Boyum added a video.
    56 minutes ago
    How To Change Your World

    A humorous, step-by-step instructional video on how to change "your world" . . . A behind-the-scenes look at how quick and easy it is to build a...

  • Shaun Bloom
    1 hour 46 minutes ago

    Looking forward to show tonight

  • Cipto Junaedy - updated group, Cipto Junaedy
  • Juan Quirós Alvarado added a video.
    20 hours 27 minutes ago

    My mopst recent work : "To the uncertain " its an animated Science fiction series made in Costa Rica with stop motion animation and a variety of techniques, help us finish it :…...

  • Juan Quirós Alvarado has changed their profile cover.

    20 hours 29 minutes ago

  • Kelli Jeray

    How can I find or get clay animation lessons for my daughter (seen in picture.) This is what she does for hours but does not know how to make it "work" she loves it. The universities in Dallas area are all digital, minecraft etc courses for kids. Help... I am will to pay for private lessons. Thank you if you can advise. EDIT: (Marc here, I edited out your phone number. Please don't post private info for your safety.)

    Marc Spess Hi Kelli, it will probably be very tough to get private lessons in Dallas, but there are a lot of online places you can go to learn. I talked about a lot of them on our live show here:… There is also the Master Course in our online shop. It's not the same in any of those cases as hands-on with an instructor, but is the next best thing.
  • Stamp Motion Studio
    2 days ago

    I posted on the Forum…

  • Jim Reeve commented on this video

    3 days ago

    This is a birthday animation I created for my friend mike. The music is essential for the effect, so make sure your sound is on!

  • Jim Reeve added a video.
    3 days ago
  • Stamp Motion Studio added a video.
    4 days ago
    Stamp Motion Studio that puppet putty is great stuff!
    4 days ago
  • James Kerr is friends with Ron Cole
  • James Kerr added a video.
    4 days ago
    James Kerr My latest for a medical firm in the USA. It's rather technical on the medical jargon - but please feel free to enjoy! James
    4 days ago
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  • James Kerr has changed their profile cover.

    5 days ago

  • Joseph shared 2 photos in the Joseph's Photos album
    6 days ago

    Joseph More set pics!
    6 days ago
  • Stamp Motion Studio
    6 days ago

    Sorry I wasn't able to make it tonight. Perhaps next time.

  • Shaun Bloom
    6 days ago

    Great show tonight. Big thanks to Clay Mara for topic suggestion. Night all. See ya next week

  • Marc Spess is friends with James

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