Stop Motion Tutorial: Animating a Walk

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In this Video:

A real-life walk is a complex orchestration of balance, momentum, and circular patterns of movement that can be tricky to reproduce convincingly in animation. But perhaps this tutorial can get you started.

I cover supplies needed, suggested hardware and software, animation principles, and step-by-step (pun intended) animation instructions.

Please see my other tutorials on how to make a puppet, as well as other stop motion subjects.

Clay (Van Aken, Sculpy), armature wire, cotton batting to build up puppet: Arts/craft store or
Armature kit:
Puppet clothes (Barbie/Ken clothes: Toy store, ebay,
Video Converter: Electronics store, ebay (Note--the specific kind needed depends on your camera and computer. The one I used isn't made anymore, and I haven't bought one in so long I can't make a good recommendation)
Surface gauges: ZORO tools, ebay
Tie-down hardware, epoxy putty: Hardware store

Animation Clips:
Uncredited walks are sample assignments I did for classes I taught, or my own projects. Sources for other clips are noted.
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