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"La Galaxia de Andrómeda" Chato Gong.

Videoclip para la canción de Chato Gong "Galaxia de andrómeda" Videoclip : Juan Quirós Alvarado (Animatoste) Guión Juan Quirós / Chato Gong...

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ZEY THE MOUSE Photo! Happy Easter Fimo chat maus...

I own the copyright of this material! Happy Easter! The gang have their Easter Eggs, and are wearing Bunny ears!! :) This Video was Promoted on...

This is a video of my animations in the newspapers and the exhibitions we had,


ZEY THE MOUSE Newspapers (7 Articles) Fimo Stop...

I own the Copyright to what's in the articles. Lynn News, The Forum Brochure, Your Local Newspaper, Norwich Evening News. A collection of the latest...

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FAB, Clay Mara, nice little character!!


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El Malabarista

No Description

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Wow, i like your set and character Jim!


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Hi, Clay Mara, the target audience is for children, but all ages watches,

Zey The Mouse 'The Prize Hat' Fashion Show'.

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Zey The Mouse Episode 2 'The Prize Hat' Fimo...

The gang go to school to make a 'fashion hat' in art class! :)