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    6 months ago

    Fast Food

    This short film was shot in 1993 for the compilation video "Classics In Clay" which was produced by Lost Leader Productions. The soundtrack was written and produced by Ron Stevens and Joy Grdnic (Pronounced Gridnic) for their St. Louis based radio show and was a popular national radio bit in the 1960's and 70's. Lost Leader Productions acquired the rights to the soundtrack, Mike Radasky sculpted the character and I did the animation.

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    6 months ago

    This is my very 1st Episode of 'Zey The Mouse' called 'Flying a Kite', 10 months in the making, with nice sound effects, music and quite comical, i hope you enjoy watching??!!

  • ianharding
    6 months ago

    My dream was to make an stop-motion animation called 'Zey The Mouse', in April 2014 i accomplished it, am really happy that i saw it through and did not give up!!


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