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  • Marc Spess link a video.

    A new type of clay specifically for clay animators. I did a short review, what do you think about it?

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    6 days ago

    Onno episode 3 Green Wood

    A spin of series from my live action film "nature of onno" Nature of onno is still going trough the editing process thats why the start of the series relise came first. Onno episode 3 Onno is sitting next to an unusual tree,the wood of the tree is green! He touches the tree and takes some of the yellow brown leaves,and then the tree is gone? Here some information about my upcoming live action film Nature Of Onno: Onno is a natural, dreamy but curious man who lives in a separate world. The plants and the stones to tell him more than people. Who is he? What should he be? An encounter with a magician, a magic book that his steps appear to predict and hallucinatory experiences in a magical cave follow. Directed and Created by Tamara Tanger (Clay Mara) Camera-man and Editing by Luimar Baarh Acting by Jason Van Der Kruk Music by Xavier Geerman

  • Marc Spess
    7 days ago

    I added the Jaipur International Film Festival to our links area. They accept animation as part of the festival - any country can contribute.…

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  • Marc Spess
    2 weeks ago

    It looks like our show did record properly last week. I'm not sure why it didn't play back the first few days, Livestream may have salvaged it somehow. Either way you can now watch it in the Live Show area of the site.

  • Marc Spess
    3 weeks ago

    The private messaging system now seems to work, you can even attach photos right into your messages. It was a simple patch, if anyone has any problems please let me know.

  • Marc Spess
    1 month ago

    I updated our site (Joomla) and unfortunately the messaging system seems to be broken again for our network. I'll see about fixing it as soon as I figure out what is going on.

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  • Marc Spess replied to Best liquid latex product?
    1 month ago

    I bought my last gallon of latex from ebay, the cheapest I could find. It was really a great quality latex, I made a bunch of hand puppets out of it...

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  • Marc Spess replied to Silicone Life Span
    1 month ago

    Maybe the batch they sold you was already old. Burman Industries usually can tell you, they keep track with batch numbers (at least I think they...

  • Marc Spess replied to Silicone Life Span
    1 month ago

    I haven't experienced that ever myself. Usually the catalyst is what dries up on me before the Part A does. I know you can speed up the cure time by...

  • Marc Spess
    1 month ago

    Just so everyone knows, the replacement faces Alba sent to us have arrived and have been shipped to our previous monthly challenge winners!

    Jim Reeve Excellent. Looking forward to receiving it.
    1 month ago
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