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  • Marc Spess replied to Silicone Life Span
    2 days ago

    Maybe the batch they sold you was already old. Burman Industries usually can tell you, they keep track with batch numbers (at least I think they...

  • Marc Spess replied to Silicone Life Span
    3 days ago

    I haven't experienced that ever myself. Usually the catalyst is what dries up on me before the Part A does. I know you can speed up the cure time by...

  • Marc Spess
    4 days ago

    Just so everyone knows, the replacement faces Alba sent to us have arrived and have been shipped to our previous monthly challenge winners!

    Jim Reeve Excellent. Looking forward to receiving it.
    3 days ago
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  • Marc Spess commented on Nick Hilligoss's photo

    3 weeks ago

    Looking amazing Nick, you've really payed attention to every detail.

  • Marc Spess
    1 month ago

    Reminder to all members: Only 10 days left to get your monthly challenge animations for review on July 2nd!

  • John is friends with Marc Spess
  • Marc Spess
    2 months ago

    A brand new monthly challenge is now in our forums here:…

  • Marc Spess
    2 months ago

    Updated our network, it seems there were some bugs with the friends section. I'm going to test the message system as well as it seems it was broken for a brief time.

  • Marc Spess
    2 months ago

    One week left until the monthly challenge winner is picked during the live show! Make sure to finish up your animations soon!

  • Marc Spess
    2 months ago

    Hey everyone, we'll be having our live show tomorrow (Thursday) at 8PM central instead of tonight. We're having family over and it will be way too crazy and noisy to talk about anything. So make sure to stop by Thursday if you can!

    Clay Mara aw man...that sucks just today i have time again to watch a live show,i was looking forward to it,bummer. I do have a question,even im not able to see the live show,do you have any tips for making the skateboard video? im going to try get mine finished in time.
    2 months ago 1
  • Marc Spess shared a photo.
    3 months ago

    Want to take a really cool 8 week class on making puppets? Stoopid Buddy Stoodios is signing up applicants shortly. To find out more, contact Whitney:nnWhitney Loveall | Class Administrator | stoopid buddy stoodiosn| 200 S Flower St. Burbank, CA 91502 | 818-333-8600 |

    Click here to add an album deHi Folks, I tried making hands from latex a while ago. Unfortunately I didn't know at the time that brass reacts with...
    Clay Mara no idea how to get there..
    2 months ago
  • Marc Spess Animate At the Springfield MO Trek Con
    3 months ago

    Hope to see some of you there!

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