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Clay Mara

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Sunday, 09 March 2014 23:27
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  • Clay Mara commented on this photo

    1 week ago

    100% Clay and also lots of effort to make it haha.

  • Clay Mara shared a photo.
    1 week ago

    One of my sets for the music video Air

    Clay Mara 100% Clay and also lots of effort to make it haha.
    1 week ago 1
  • Clay Mara shared 5 photos in the Clay Mara's Photos album
    1 week ago

    Making Owl necklaces out of Fimo Clay i will be selling them soon..Only in Aruba trough.
    Maybe next year when i get to the Netherlands ill be able to do things online.
    Also some Owl sculptures.

  • Clay Mara added a video.
    1 month ago

    ANIMATE CLAY PAGE! Welcome to my Clayanimation: Life This Clayanimation is about...

  • Clay Mara
    1 month ago…

  • Clay Mara
    2 months ago

    Only 40 hours left that you can donate to Dangerously ever after stop motion film, take your chance now!…

    Marc Spess Alba will be a guest on our show tomorrow to talk about her campaign. It will be a lot of fun to have her on again!
    2 months ago 3
  • Clay Mara
    2 months ago

    Im just doing some story writing and character development lately i find it rather satisfying.

    Jim Reeve Excellent. I always find that the hardest part of animating.
    2 months ago 1
  • Clay Mara
    2 months ago

    Just a Reminder you can still DONATE for Abla Garcia s Project Dangerously Ever After Stop Motion Film, we have 9 days left for the campain!…

    Clay Mara There is still a lot that need to be raised,but it is an amazing project already.
    2 months ago
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  • Clay Mara
    2 months ago

    Please donate to an amazing upcomming film!…
    only if its just 15$ or 25$ if you can miss that amount for this project it will be totally worth it!

    Shaun Bloom I totally agree. I donated right after it launched and will be donating a second time at the end of the month
    2 months ago
  • Clay Mara shared 7 photos in the Air album
    2 months ago

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  • Clay Mara
    4 months ago

    is there a show tonight?

    Marc Spess Yes there is! Hope to see you there.
    4 months ago 1
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  • Clay Mara
    5 months ago

    any opinions or advice on sculpting styles..for exemple for kids and sculpting people-characters?

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