Onno episode 1

Uploaded By: Clay Mara . Category: Short Films . Added on: 23 July 2014.
In this Video:
A spin of series from my live action film "nature of onno"
Nature of onno is still going trough the editing process thats why the start of the series relise came first.

Onno episode 1
He is covered in plants when they disepair Onno is becoming visible,he wakes up looks at his surroundings and makes some plants move with his hands.

Here some information about my upcoming live action film Nature Of Onno:

Onno is a natural, dreamy but curious man who lives in a separate world.
The plants and the stones to tell him more than people.
Who is he? What should he be?
An encounter with a magician,
a magic book that his steps appear to predict
and hallucinatory experiences in a magical cave follow.

Directed and Created by Tamara Tanger (Clay Mara)
Camera-man and Editing by Luimar Baarh
Acting by Jason Van Der Kruk
Music by Xavier Geerman
Clay Mara
Clay Mara
Thank you im glad you liked this episode.
1 year ago
Jim Reeve
Jim Reeve
Nice animation Clay Mara. Looking forward to seeing the next episode.
1 year ago
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