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Welcome Joe3000  Great to see camera moves in your StopMotion clip.

Hey I am new here and thought i'd share Pueblo with You all. It's a short animation I made back in 2021.

Currently I'm working on Pueblo II.

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Animated by Joe Spurr MatthewsMusical Score by Robert Butcher

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Kent Melton Sculpture Exhibit (Paranorman,...

Kent Melton visited Springfield Missouri with his collection of sculptures and maquettes. They include sculptures from the films Paranorman,...

I decided to go ahead and upload one of my projects a bit early being that I am working on alot More so here is my newest claymation

sadistic tale: s2 e1 cursed bong/the tower

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Here is a teaser from the opening of one of my new animations in this story bones the killer was cursed by a magic bong and had to bust the bong but... Show more

sadistic tale: broke my bong song (teaser)

ianharding Great gore there, your style on animation themes and puppets are awesome and gory, unique! 2 weeks ago
Eathenwotring Thank you Ian been working very hard on the full 5 minute animation 2 weeks ago