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Mocho Maddness "Cream of The Crop"

It's been a while, hasen't it?I spent the past severeal months trying to write a script but it was terrible, then I tore it apart and tried again,...

hi sorry for the weird username. anyways just so you know I'm unprofessional. some of you'r comments make me feel overwhelmed XD

The 2022 edition of the ESFF with more short film screenings in Edinburgh,
International Film Festival showcases, trophies, awards and industry networking.

We're also programming showcases of our best films for our international film festival partners across Europe.

Max Length 25 minutes, international films welcomed, all genres eligible.

Early Bird Deadline: Monday Feb 28th
Regular Deadline: Monday May 16th
Late Deadline: Monday June 20th

Open for entries online



This clay animation is based on my larp character, Picatrix, the alchemist. I didn't use any digital effect for this animation. Everything was done... Show more

Picatrix, the alchemist, a clay animation

this is a stop motion clay animation about my original character Picatrix, an alchemist who makes a lot of potions.

Hello one and all, I'm thrilled to be apart of this community! My name is Mikael Trench and I am an LA/ATL based stop motion filmmaker and artist... Show more

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animateclay I watched your reel and checked out your web page Mikael, it's all very nice. Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see more of your stuff! 2 months ago
Xiakeyra Welcome Mikael. I hope to see more of your claymation here. I saw your showreel and it looks awesome! 2 weeks ago

Season's greetings

animateclay Same to you Mr Force! 3 weeks ago
TheDong shared a photo. 2 months ago

TheDong shared a photo. 2 months ago

i'm working on a new test animation. - feeling happy

i'm working on a new test animation.