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Another down side to SMODO other then I dont think its even offered for sale is that its just a Plugin for 3DsMAX used with their Cams &...
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Payanga Tras cámara 4

Tras cámara del rodaje de la serie infantil PAYANGA.

animateclay replied to the topic 'New Forum Section - 3-D Printing, Digital and Virtual Reality' in the forum. 23 hours 47 minutes ago

Yes Dan, SMODO is an interesting project that we briefly talked about on the live show. It's a lot like the Dinosaur Input Devices from Phil Tippet but using a webcam to capture the movements. There's the one video out there explaining it (sort of) here:

I think if you want to animate in CG, it's not a bad idea to use. If you have a flying rig everything would translate fairly nicely. Only I don't see a way for changing face expressions, so I don't know if that's something they plan to add. I also kinda wonder how they do head turns and things with twisting motions. Either way I do think the tech has some limits, maybe that's why they haven't done an update for a while?


Metalmadcat replied to the topic 'New Forum Section - 3-D Printing, Digital and Virtual Reality' in the forum. yesterday

Great section, Marc. we could also mention SMODO eventually. It is still a brand new techonlogy that hasn`t even been tested by all animators yet.

As for 3D printers. Blending new and old technologies to me is THE FUTURE.

Seriously, what could be better than embracing the past with the present if not by unifying two mediums into one?

As far as taking advantage of time and even saving time, that is indeed a great thing to consider. Now if you like the craftmanship aspect of it, you can argue the this aspect is kind of missing. But it is not a reason to discard the whole concept of it and its wonderful advantages. I mean you can always do anything at manual as you wish, but it is a matter of time. That would be the first question that we should make to ourselves: how much time do I really have on my favor? and from there you can make a CHOICE. Simple as that. Allows you to do something and not taking away the craft. It makes perfect sense to me.I mean it is not resigning your creative skills and being ruled by a machine. That, perhaps, is the first thing that people may normally feel . or fear? But I certainly thing is an advantage to all artist out there to get things done. For the good!


Just wanted to say hi as I’m new to the site. Ben

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Dirty Red Welcome Ben 2 weeks ago
Metalmadcat Hi Ben, welcome to SMM! 1 week ago
Dirty Red Hello there 😁 3 days ago
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The Bird

Little funny Halloween horror clip made to test character design and music sink. hope you enjoy it. please subscribe to the channel to help us grow....

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"Hoy Cocino Yo" TV shows for kids Producer: Tinamufilms Animation: Segundo Fuérez ®2014

ianharding commented on Xiakeyra's video 3 days ago

very creative good work, as always the sculptures are amazing too

Dragon Ball Freezer Clay Animation

An amateur clay stop motion animation featuring Freezer, one of the most emblematic villains in dragon ball anime series. Animación stop motion con...