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Screening the best in contemporary short film & programming for other festivals Internationally,

We're offering trophies and cash prizes for Best Film, Best Animation and Best Scottish Film

Regular Deadline: May 24th 2020

This year, we're also excited to be programming films and film partnerships for our 2020 partners:

The Adriatic Film Festival
Balkans Beyond Borders Film Festival
Firenze FilmCorti - Florence
Puppet Animation Scotland
Sardinia Film Festival

Max Length 25 minutes

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Hey Dhilly, it definitely is possible to use real smoke, fire and even explosions using things like fireworks in stop motion. The way it is usually done is by filming those things against a black background. Then keying out the black so only the light is able to come through in the shot. It's the same process used in green screen, but of course you'll need to use some editing software. That way you can overlay the live action onto the animation you've made.

If you want to do it in a safe way there are free stock videos you can grab over here:

You can also use programs like Blender to create those effects. This is a video tutorial on hw to do it:



For some scenes in a stop motion movie I’m working on, I was thinking it would be cool to use (small) real fire and smoke to create special effects. But is there a safe way to do this, or are you better off using digital effects?


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