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Little stop motion I made with Lego's. I would love to see your feedback


Don't Piss Off Luke Skywalker

Don't Piss Off Luke Skywalker | Subscribe and like for more content | Discord: | Instagram: MelhorarProductions | #Lego...

My first stop motion animation has a story.
It took about 50 hours to make this clip
Most of sound effects are my wife's voice.
I hope you enjoy it. -...
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[4K] LEGO Movie - boy vs cop stop motion...

This is my first story LEGO animation using nano/micro transformer LEGO MOC. I hope you enjoy #1 Boy vs Cop. #LEGO #MOVIE #ANIMATION

thank you guys for not dissing my work facebook groups sure arent like that

animateclay Most people are pretty supportive around here Eathen. Glad to have you as part of the site. 2 days ago

Lukas is friends with animateclay

Progress on new shop/studio, expect to be complete by mid June, moved in. It will be the new home of Polar Bear Productions, Stop-Motion Animation.

PolarBear7 Well, perhaps late June. 4 days ago
ianharding replied to the topic 'Surrealist Claymation Music Video' in the forum. 4 days ago

Hi, this was great, very creative, surreal wild and wacky, i enjoy this type of stop-mo, it wakes you up and all your senses are
going, visually amazing well done :)


Hi, all

This is a new episode of 'Zey The Mouse', entitled 'The New Friend' based around a Skateboarding Park.

Zey Mouse and Peter Parrot, buy some skateboards, and end up meeting Malek Mouse
who shows them tricks on how to skateboard. Lots of Graffiti, a small ramp and a large ramp,
some confrontation, on who's the best, some things don't go to plan but all end up o.k?

All hand made/crafted. Hope you enjoy? :)