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animateclay created a new topic ' August 16 to September 20th, 2017 Challenge Topic: Zombies!' in the forum. 11 hours 5 minutes ago

Our last winner and new member gregr3398 (who won the Extraterrestrial challenge) came up with the newest challenge topic. Zombies! The rules are the same as always, if anyone needs to - please refer to our 5 Week Challenge Rules at the top of the page. Just remember that all entries must be made starting now and can't be previously made films. Good luck everyone!


animateclay is friends with gregr3398

animateclay replied to the topic 'July 12th to August 16, 2017 Challenge Topic: Extraterrestrial!' in the forum. 14 hours 58 minutes ago

It was another fun 5 week challenge for all our viewers during our live show tonight. You can watch how everyone voted (and watch all the films) here:


Sorry for a few small technical glitches. The winner as chosen by our audience was.....gregr3398! Congrats Greg for a job well done, it was a very funny short animation to watch.

As the winner you get to choose the next topic theme and get a downloadable prize from our online store. I'll PM you here after this. Once Greg replies I will post the new challenge topic in our forums for everyone.

Thanks as always for all of you who put your time into your films, they were great!


Ray Maryhausen replied to the topic 'July 12th to August 16, 2017 Challenge Topic: Extraterrestrial!' in the forum. 19 hours 44 minutes ago

Here's my five week challenge entry for extraterrestrial, I hope you enjoy it!
Thanks to Marc for his awesome live show, and for creating a great stop motion community. I love watching everybody's entries and the challenges give animators a reason to produce animations! -Mur-

If you enjoyed the video, please check out my new website for more weirdness


sergetaganski added a video. 2 days ago

Hello there! I founded animation studio, and there are our first work, check this out! - feeling cool


Meet the Frank! He's a total dumb, and he exist to explore the world all around him. - Знакомьтесь - это Фрэнк! Он туп как пробка и существует,...

Tamarame added a video. 3 days ago

Yay a new episode today! - feeling happy

No eating in class (my bottle exploded) -Art...

This is a video about what i think about that we arnt allowed to eat in class, are you allowed to eat in class? NEW animations on MONDAY! ►...

animateclay Hey you did a nice job as always Tamarame. I like how you express your real-life stories. By the time you make about 50 of these, people will really... Show more 2 days ago
Tamarame I like making personal things with every video i think people get to know me better and its fun everytime to post so i do hope it catches on. yesterday
Tamarame Also i might want to have like a jingle/small intro at the beginning but i have no clue what to do it will help brand my animations and make then... Show more yesterday