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Who is your favorite stop motion character?

Image uploads don't work currently but we're trying to get some help to fix that. Thanks for your patience everyone...

Hey everyone, my wife took off from work today. It's my son AJ's birthday and since she invited a lot of people we're not going to do our live show... Show more

HoserLu I like this idea. Actually, we could do both. Sometimes talk about work in progress, sometimes a challenge. 5 days ago
HoserLu Oh and Happy Birthday AJ! 5 days ago
Tamarame Nice idea! I was sad when i didnt see another live show, but it took me untill now to check what was up. Im glad it was a fun occation and not... Show more 2 days ago
Mr_Force created a new topic ' info: EMAIL notifications and other User option.' in the forum. 2 days ago


some useful PROFILE info (Your setting.)

Some have asked how to edit/set or delete a profile I hope this helps.

Set email notification to NOT EMAIL you.
Once logged in you just need to click on your user name. On your users profile page you will see a gear icon in the upper right of your main banner this will open a menu, at the bottom is (Preferences)
You will or should see [General/Privacy Setting/Emails&Notifications/Blocked], @ emails&Notifications you can unpick all email boxes to stop getting emails.

Privacy Settings
You can set different Privacy options

Delete your Profile (if needed)
In the same menu as above (Preferences) you should see the Delete Profile beside the Edit Profile.

If you don't want friend requests set it to (No one) under General Preferences

I hope you find this useful