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Practising transformation.
How do you do transformations in claymation?

Tailmon evolves to Angewomon. DIGIMON stop...

Tailmon is one of my favorite digimons. I made this fanmade clay animation of its evolution to Angewomon. I Hope you like it.The clay I used is...

This video may help. It shows the basics of using styrofoam to create the major rock formations:


An animation someone requested.

Claymation request: Cinderstream

This is a stop motion clay animation request made by Deep Cat.Cinderstream is Deep Cat's original character

animateclay Looks nice Xiakeyra! 4 days ago

Hey most of the time people build their sets with hard foam and carve it with a hot knife, I added a link to a Youtube video as an example.
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Hi all,
What foundational materials would you suggest for building a set with mountains and caves? Probably about a foot tall. I am trying to post a photo but getting an error saying it couldn't create an attachment directory. So just picture random Arizona large tall rounded rock formations and a few caves. Thank you


animateclay replied to the topic 'Stop-Mo in commercials' in the forum. 4 weeks ago

I haven't, do you know if those ads are online? It's good to know though, especially since studios are having a hard time now due to the pandemic.


Bambi meets Godzilla, my claymation version

This is my stop motion clay animation version and tribute to the 1969 animation Bambi Meets GodzillaBambi meets Godzilla is an animated short film...

PolarBear7 created a new topic ' Stop-Mo in commercials' in the forum. 1 month ago

Have seen two tv ads the last month using animation puppets. Trend? or new norm? Thoughts, comments...