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I started boarding my next film. It is based on a quick digital illustration I did a while back.

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sketchbig added a video. 8 hours 37 minutes ago

This is a cut of my senior film. Helpful feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Watching You Watching Me

This is my end of the year cut of my senior film.

Xiakeyra added a video. yesterday

This is one of my projects: it involves people sending pictures of their original character design and I try to model and clay animate the... Show more

Claymation Request 9 Veshra Ashran

Clay stop motion animation. Plastilina This is for a writer artist in DeviartArt He won the game "Find the Bed...

animateclay Very nice as always Xiakeyra! yesterday
Tamarame added a video. 2 days ago


Today`s video is about cake, i have had this cake character in my head for a while now and my birthday passed so a topic about cake is delicious!...

Tamarame replied to the topic 'Tamarame Industrial!' in the forum. 2 days ago

Tamara or Tamarame :)


Mr_Force replied to the topic 'Tamarame Industrial!' in the forum. 5 days ago

Looks nice, you might take first in the challenge this time.
Wanted to ask If you want to go by Tamarame or SeaFlapFlap on AnimateClay?


Hi everyone - I work for a kids content company and I'm looking to commission a claymation style pilot / can be with silicone models too. I've... Show more