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Tamarame added a video. 20 hours 45 minutes ago

Subscribe to my channel we upload videos every monday!

Photography class - Art School "storytime" |...

Ready for a new animated story-time ? In this weeks video I talk about my photography classes. NEW animations on MONDAY! ► SUBSCRIBE to stay up to...

Xiakeyra replied to the topic 'June 7th to July 12th, 2017 Challenge Topic: Cat!' in the forum. 21 hours 35 minutes ago

Here's my entry!



Xiakeyra added a video. 5 days ago

I once made a bed out of clay for a claymation video, and then I ended up using that same clay bed in four more videos. I just changed some details... Show more

Stopmotion Claymation props and setting: The Bed

Have you ever noticed this in my videos? :-D

Tamarame replied to the topic 'June 7th to July 12th, 2017 Challenge Topic: Cat!' in the forum. 5 days ago

This is my entree i make new storytime animations every monday!


Mr_Force replied to the topic 'Any tutorials on making clay puppets like this?' in the forum. 1 week ago

Hello Again

I came across a quick little video on a different puppet build using molds to make parts with Silicon and plastics. The masters made from sculpey It to has a real nice look and they animate well. Only thing they use Lead wire and I would not handle it with bare hands. Use gloves or better yet you can use the newer Silver/Tin solder its safe to handle. Once the lead is inside a puppet its safe but again if its used don't send it the the land fill after. They have a few videos on their puppets its a nice channel from Japan.

(Youtube link)


I just want to make a quick post here to thank Mr_Force for volunteering to help moderate the site. Although we don't get a ton of spam any more,... Show more

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