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Shadow Cat - At Play

This is my third stop-motion animation with Shadow Cat. This one was a little more difficult because the additional 'character.'

Shadow Cat - Walk and Run

This is the second stop-motion animation I created with my cat. A bit of a mess up in the walking, but a fun experiment nonetheless.

Shadow Cat - Jump

This is a stop-motion animation clip I created. I made the cat out of construction paper and mini brads. The animation was done on a light board.

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Ever On

This is a stop-motion animation I made for my senior college art project. I created everything, from the the set to the characters to the poem, and...

test animation

I created this as a test for my upcoming senior art project. It will be a stop motion animation about my ideology on life, one that consists of...

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The Key Room

A girl has mysteriously wakened in a large room, filled with nothing but dozens of keys and a lone door. But which one opens it, and where does it...

animateclay It seems almost like this short fits into a larger feature like the keys in the room fit into the door. Really nice work! 9 years ago
claytonanimations Thank you! The story was originally going to be that each key opens its own door, but then I thought that was too much like Monsters Inc. So then I made the story go like the one key opens the door, and the next episode will have a new setting with another door. 9 years ago