Hi Marc - I know you discussed it at the last show, but I signed in just now and was still shocked to see the change. I think the "new-old" name should definitely work better for attracting wider audiences. The name is good, but maybe you should retire the Hat and Film and come up with a fresher image. The Mad Hatter is such a beautiful puppet, as are all of your puppets, but do you have any old monster-type, latex-type puppets lying around? Perhaps you could pose a fight scene with the Mad Hatter and a more realistic monster, showing both mediums in the logo? That might be another way to entice folks with different interests.

A note about the font colors - In the forum, some blue backgrounds have words in a color (is it gray?) that is almost the same as the background, (or maybe it's blue on gray?) making them very difficult to read - especially for us old folks whose sight is fading. I suggest better contrast on your verbiage if you want to attract old masters, etc. - hehe

Change is a good thing. I'll be curious to see how this site morphs.

And make sure to post a notice when the URL changes.