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Playing with clay

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Made this bear

Made this bear

Here's a new shirt I did!

I followed a rainbow to hell: Mr skully (18+)...

Here it is a minute long claymation that's a new record for my channel

Here's a bunch of tester shorts I put together into a short collection

Rainbow rabbits all episodes

thank you guys for not dissing my work facebook groups sure arent like that

animateclay Most people are pretty supportive around here Eathen. Glad to have you as part of the site. 4 months ago

Here's a new short I made

No fishin claymation short

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I downloaded a Android app for stop motion just because I was bored might make a new stop motion later

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What would some of you like to see in tester shorts

animateclay Sure Ethan. Feel free to show your stuff! 6 months ago

Something random I've been working on

Elephant mouse adventure part 1