hughchilles created a new topic ' Stop Motion DSLR Murder?' in the forum. 2 years ago

I've been looking into different cameras and lenses to upgrade from my very basic 720p webcam and have come into the territory of understanding shutter failure and shutter counts,
I was looking into a 6D Canon but have heard they get quite hot after 30minutes of filming and having live view,
the other concern is if I can use a digital shutter on Dragonframe or if using any EOS you have to use the mechanical shutter every frame?

I read elsewhere that due to this it's better to use a DV camcorder to capture the live view and not destroy a mechanical shutter?
Working at 24fps I can imagine a DSLR will get hammered and I don't want to be turning it off every 30 minutes for heat issues.

At this point I'm leaning towards getting a 800D to have the balance of a good DSLR but still have hi quality video but curious what experiences people have had and how fast their cameras wear out?
Is it better to just keep picking up 50Ds and running them into the ground like a used car?
Is there better cameras for heat/digital shutter?

Sorry that's a lot of questions in one thanks for any ideas,
I was surprised looking up overheating/shutter stop motion issues not a lot comes up