hughchilles replied to the topic 'Stop Motion DSLR Murder?' in the forum. 2 years ago

Thanks for the info, it looks like DSLR is the way to go I still haven't found any articles on using the EVF live view as a digital shutter.

1100D/t3 looks like a great idea, the specs look about the same as 50d but latter has slightly more pixels and no video, I don't understand the mirror comment, is that the pentamirror? looks like 50d uses a prism mirror maybe I'll go with that though having another 720p video camera sounds pretty cool.

Haven't delved into the stepper world I was looking at the Nikkor 55mm micro lens with whatever body, so you are using a physical stepper to control focus? Is this a pre-manufactured thing? That sounds really cool.

Thanks again it's reassuring to know it's not a big mistake to go with cheaper model I thought maybe higher end video camera could do live view capturing and save the mechanical shutter but it seems no one is doing it. I haven't owned any DSLR camera so far so have been doing maximum research to save stress later and have maximum compatibility with Dragonframe