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The Black Knight

The Black Knight challenges his French adversary, who will emerge the victor? Voice acting: French Knight- Berlin Waechter German Knight (Black...


A lone Centurion flees an overwhelming force of fierce Caledonian tribesmen, will he be able to survive? Re- Uploaded in a larger Aspect Ratio.

Begin The Beguine: Visual Music

Visual Music

The Archer

This Short Animation was done as a test of 12fps and the half arrow elements that I will be using in the Prequel to "Centurion" called "Centurion:...

Knights Duel

This short animation was made as a test in preparation for a larger project that will feature kinetic fight scenes in the same style. I used a...

Mars Mission

A Martian Mission. Stop-motion animation.

The Shield Wall - (Lego Stop-Motion)

This video is about the desperate fight in the Shield Wall, the form of battle engaged commonly in medieval English and Nordic lands from 470-1066....

The Adventures of Bob the Brave

Another old Stop motion Animation from 2010. A brave Hero fights off foes who would seek to attack the kingdom.

Lego War

A very old Stop motion animation I made in 2009. Large fantasy armies clash on the battlefield.

Clone Sniper

An early Star Wars Stop Motion Animation. Done back in 2010. By Berlin Waechter

Stop Motion Animation Show Reel

This is a Show Reel of some of the Best Stop-motion Animations I have made thus Far. Links are below to the the full version of each one: Centurion...