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Hi guys,

I'm really sorry about posting here first. I've been having lots of dreams about it and more increasingly so recently, that I can't wait anymore. I've spent years looking for a clay animation that I don't know the name of, but let me tell you about it. I remember watching it when I was a teenager (in the 90s), so I don't know if it was made in that decade or before. I clearly remember the man's voice and he was British, though I can't remember the origin of the short film.

The story was about a man who had a daughter. The man narrates the story of his wife's demise into madness and how she was no longer with them (but I don't remember if she died or left them), as if he were telling it to his daughter. The scenes are very strange, and they don't really show the events that he's telling, but rather a depiction of figurative imagery in which he's always there, for example, I clearly remember in one scene he's on the moon. My memory's all fuzzy since it's been such a long time, but I still remember one line from the man's monologue "with one foot on the petrol gauge waiting for the other to..." and that's it, unfortunately. It's not a direct quote either, I think it may be missing some words.

Years of searching... Unfortunately it's all I can remember. I really hope someone can help me find it because it's driving me nuts! I wholeheartedly appreciate any help anyone could provide me with.