Rainbow Cat Squad Short : Snow Day - Claymation

Just a short little winter/holiday themed animation :) I decided to try animating at 20 frames per second. My previous animation films were only 10...

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Baby Yoda Clay Animation test

stop motion clay animation test about baby Yoda, the cute Star Wars character from "The Mandalorian" series.

Thanks for your feedback!
That is interesting. I read somewhere that if the human eye sees more than 15 pictures per second, it is interpreted as one single moving image.
Depending on the shape of the puppet, a foil skeleton might not be a bad way to give the puppet some extra support.
Also, just noticed That I'm totally posting in the wrong topic. My bad.


Hey Marc! It's been a while so I thought I'd share something.
Here's a short claymation I made using models and a gingerbread house I made with my daughter.
My previous stop motion films were 10fps so this time I challenged myself by trying 20fps.
The movement in general seems noticably smoother.
One mistake that I am concious of is that the clay we used for the gingerbread people was particularly soft and floppy. You may notice some shots where they droop and start to fall over lol. Live and learn I guess.
We had a lot of fun making the models and set. Overall it was a fun little project for me and a good learning experience.
I have more claymation in the works! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!


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Prankstutles is finally complete!


I would love to hear your feedback! :)


Pranksturtles : Claymation

To mischievous turtles get carried away playing pranks. Voices by Sophia Thorne and me, Lukas Thorne. Music also by me! :) Hope to bring a laugh to...

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Almost finished Pranksturtles! <br />Just finishing up the last bit of audio.<br />Should be done this weekend :)
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Lego - Benny sur la Lune

Un matin Benny se rend dans son jardin et soudain il à une idée. Et si il se rendait sur la Lune ? C'est décidé il va construire une fusée et partir...

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Hey. I'm working on a project. I would love some advice on some things!


"A preview of my newest claymation project.
Two mischievous turtles get carried away playing pranks.
Background music is a clip from one of my original song recordings.
I used this song only for the preview, the final version will have full dialogue, and include new music as well.
These turtles have more pranks to pull..."

I guess my biggest question would be how to fix (or avoid getting) dirty or distorted clay.
I'm not sure how noticeable it is, but the turtles in the first scene are a lot cleaner and smoother looking than in the later.
Some time had passed by before I shot the last scene and the clay had accumulated dirt. They also get pretty messed up if I have to move them around a lot.
The clay smears and I spend a lot of time trying to fix and clean them. They never really quite go back to normal.
I have many more plans for these turtles! I'm willing to rebuild them if I have to, but I certainly don't want to have to keep doing that.
If you want to talk about it on your broadcast I'll try my best to be there when you stream it!



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Stop Motion Skateboarding ZEY THE MOUSE Episode...

I own this work! A New Skateboarding themed episode, Zey Mouse and Peter Parrot, spend their pocket money on some skateboards, They bump into Malek...