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ianharding Hi, Lukas, this is great, love the bird and pizza box good to see the turtles again, that pizza looks smart 14 hours 13 minutes ago

Hey. I'm working on a project. I would love some advice on some things!


"A preview of my newest claymation project.
Two mischievous turtles get carried away playing pranks.
Background music is a clip from one of my original song recordings.
I used this song only for the preview, the final version will have full dialogue, and include new music as well.
These turtles have more pranks to pull..."

I guess my biggest question would be how to fix (or avoid getting) dirty or distorted clay.
I'm not sure how noticeable it is, but the turtles in the first scene are a lot cleaner and smoother looking than in the later.
Some time had passed by before I shot the last scene and the clay had accumulated dirt. They also get pretty messed up if I have to move them around a lot.
The clay smears and I spend a lot of time trying to fix and clean them. They never really quite go back to normal.
I have many more plans for these turtles! I'm willing to rebuild them if I have to, but I certainly don't want to have to keep doing that.
If you want to talk about it on your broadcast I'll try my best to be there when you stream it!



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This is so great! I love your style!
The effects with the wool looked really neat.
You should make more!


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Hi everyone! I'm Lukas.
I'm no pro animator or anything like that. I just started dabbling in it as a hobby.
I've always been into pretty much all types of art.
I write music, write stories, paint, and draw pictures in my spare time... and sometimes I build things out of clay.
Claymation is something I've recently developed an interest in because it allows me to take all of these art hobbies and combine them into one project.
One of my ideas is to animate music videos for original music I record.
I have little experience with animation but I have always been fascinated by it.
No big plans here really other than to make short animated videos for the fun of it.
I came here for advice and inspiration but also to share my work for feedback and to see what other people here are doing with this exciting art form.



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