Thank you. Sorry, thought I had responded to your post! I've turned my attention to other things and am now coming back to this .

That's a very clever idea to put a webcam next to the camera. Figured out I could use my Android phone, and am now to trying to find a quick and easy way to hook up a top-down stand. Have tripods for the straight-on shot but am stuck on the high-up shot stand.
Still working on the workflow. I'm not really set up for things to work together yet.

Am going to go back through the video you made some time ago about making a set. I'm 101 when it comes to tools, having only a few very basic hand-me-down things - little electric saw, a drill, a sander, none of which I have ever used. So there's a woodshop learning curve as well.
I'm ready to dive in and looking forward to the info on this site.