Hi all, starting over and jumping in full steam.

Regarding my setup, I have an older Macbook that is on 10.8.5 ( if I upgrade there is some important software I will fry so it will have to wait until i get a second machine). Dragonframe, Stop Mo Studio etc don't work on this bc it's too old.
I also have an RCA Cambio Windows 10 tablet, but that's not very robust for editing.

So I've got a Samsung phone equipped with Stop Motion Studio that will be a dedicated stop motion phone. I've figured out that I can screencast it to the Roku to monitor the picture. The question is, so there's not much space on this phone. I guess I would save to SD card, but then would need to transfer it to the Mac. Tried to Bluetooth transfer it the other day, but the final file was only 9kb. Did it again, same result.

Question is this: when you capture from your phone, do you capture to the SD card? The cloud?