LER555 replied to the topic 'Where do you capture/save your images?' in the forum. 1 year ago

Thanks yeah that makes sense. I guess the SD card it is. I'll upgrade soon and then be able to capture directly. If the software would detect the phone, that is. The phone itself is a second, dedicated phone. I actually modified a wardrobe hanger to make a top-down setup with a custom piece that came off of a cheap garage sale tripod - it managed to just fit. Problem is, it sits so high on the workbench that it's not really practical. So I"m thinking I"ll order a gooseneck clip phone holder from Amazon. I bought a teeny little Bluetooth tripod and it has a remote that works with the Android, so that was worth the price of admission.

What i really want to do is set up a space inside so i can use temporary blackout curtains to control the lighting.