Hello friends,
I am taking the coronavirus lockdown as an opportunity to play with stop motion. My recent background is in 2.5D animation effects and tools for video games, using hand-drawn sources. I wanted to try some of the tricks I have been working on for 2D art with claymation instead--since a frame of cell animation is the same a frame of clay animation... at least from the perspective of my animation tools! I made this game while on a game jam at the start of the outbreak to test out some of the ideas and was happy enough with the results to warrant further exploration.

I'm not releasing the game, it was more of an experiment. but I aim to make a more complete stop motion game but it's unrelated. Since the video, I have been reading over some of the posts on this form on how to do things and watching some youtube videos too. So hopefully the next test will adopt some of the best practices. I'll probably have more questions when I get further into the projects. In any case, hello and I wanted to say thanks for sharing so much valuable information on the forums.

Stay safe from the virus!