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Hello Stop Motion Magic Community,

My name is Fredrick (aka Film Wabbit) and I'm an amateur stop motion animator in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I've been a fan of stop motion animation for many years, but just started animating during the COVID-19 pandemic lock-down. After two years I finally completed my first animated short. It's only 2:30 minutes long but I learned a lot while making it. Hopefully, my second film will be better. :-)

I appreciate all types of stop motion animation but I'm a big fan of Aardman Studios, especially "Shaun the Sheep", "Creature Comforts", and "Wallace and Gromit". I greatly appreciate the wonderful support that Marc Spess and the other members of this site offer to the stop motion animation community and I look forward to learning from you all and and enjoying your creative projects.

Thank you for welcoming me aboard!

Best regards,