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Marc Spess 2013 Demo Reel

Some of the projects I've worked on. The first is Zombie Pirates. Rich Lauzon designed the characters on paper, I sculpted and animated them. The...

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joker i thought my jokes were bad

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I'm Bored

Lars and Aatlee have nothing to do - with surprising results! The first Hoovees video.

jker lip 2


joker lip 1

my first lip sync in years , wit a crap cam

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joker test 1


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first models I made in over two years , not quite finished yet but almost

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the sad smile final

its a bouts a sad girl that is forced to smaile by her mean mom so people will think that their happy

Gallagher a stop motion I made using green screen, there is also a bit of 3dmax in there too 9 years ago