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ZEY THE MOUSE Episode 7 The Time Machine Stop...

Re-Edit, Volume up!, Lots of music and sound effects, engrossed in the 7th episode in the Zey series!, Zey bumps into Clara Cat on the bus on his...

animateclay Hey my son and I just watched the entire film Ian. You did a nice job, the story flowed really well. It reminded me a bit of Wallace and Gromit meets Dr. Who. The only thing is I had to put the volume on my computer to it's maximum to hear some of the voices, but the sound effects were at a good volume. 1 year ago

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Behind the scenes of Season 1

These are behind the scenes photos of newly built props for the show **note that some of these are to be different from the final build of an...

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Zey The Mouse Newspaper Articles 2018 2019...

Various Press Articles on 'Zey The Mouse' Stop-Motion animation series from 2018-2019, also a new article on the upcoming 7th episode called 'The...

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Hi, this was great, very creative, surreal wild and wacky, i enjoy this type of stop-mo, it wakes you up and all your senses are
going, visually amazing well done :)


Hi, all

This is a new episode of 'Zey The Mouse', entitled 'The New Friend' based around a Skateboarding Park.

Zey Mouse and Peter Parrot, buy some skateboards, and end up meeting Malek Mouse
who shows them tricks on how to skateboard. Lots of Graffiti, a small ramp and a large ramp,
some confrontation, on who's the best, some things don't go to plan but all end up o.k?

All hand made/crafted. Hope you enjoy? :)


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Little Purple - Claymation

This is just a very quickly made animation I made today while testing my new webcam. The music clip is from a jam session recording. My friend...