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Hey DrNibbert, welcome to the site. I believe they are using either a foam silicone or cold cast foam urethane. Soma Foama is I believe one brand of foam silicone you can look up. You can pigment it with tints as well as with paints specially made for silicone. Try Smooth-On, they have all sorts of really good materials. Here's the Soma Foama:

Here are their line of silicone paint products:

I use their stuff a lot, they are a good company. If you call them their tech support is really good too.


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It's time for the first official 2018 challenge! Time goes by fast so get your story ideas down and sketch your character designs. This one will be the topic "Funny Accident" thanks to Tamarame who came up with the idea.

As always the rules are the same in that you can interpret "Funny Accident" any way you like. If anyone has questions feel free to leave your questions as a reply here or visit our 5 Week Challenge Rules link at the top of the page. As long as your entry is posted here before the end date we will show it, discuss and vote for the best film on our live show.


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I'm going to message Tamarame now, once she chooses the next topic - I'll announce the next one. I also want to say thanks Tamarame for yet another well done film entry!


Hi everyone, we were invited to a family gathering tonight. So no live show sad to say, see you all next week!

Oh, what am I asking - I see that you wrote "3 months" in your title hah! Well - I think film school would make a good fit for you. You already know more than most from what I can tell. Have you considered skipping school and applying for Laika or Aardman as an intern?


Really well done Nimamation. I think your editing and effects were very polished looking. Over-all, it's great. How long did this one take for you to create?


Hi everyone, just want to say Happy Holidays and have a great New Year! 2017 was a nice year for stop motion. I hope that everyone gets to fulfill... Show more

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Oops, yes - sorry for the typo. It is in fact the 10th that it will end :)


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Alright, it's time to reveal our new 5 week challenge's board games. OK you probably already figured that out from the title of our post. Tamarame came up with this one soon after winning the last challenge which was about feathers.

I am adding one additional week to our challenge, so in essence everyone has 6 weeks to complete this challenge. Why? My guess is with Christmas and New Years it will be hard to find enough time to get this challenge done. Especially with families getting together, time spent shopping and of course - watching fireworks and going to parties.

As usual the rules can be found at the top of our page. If anyone has any questions just ask right here as a reply and we'll answer them.

Good luck everyone!


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Very nice job! Both of you did really good work - we watched your two entries on our live show last night to judge the winner. And the winner was.....(drum roll)......Tamarame! So congrats on a really well made (and educational) short animation about feathers.

Gerald, you did a nice job too. The use of the brads as joints in your characters was very ingenious.

I will send you a private message to Tamarame and see what she would like for the next 5 week challenge topic. Thanks again you two.


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