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I believe the foam in that video is technically called floral foam. It's a kind of foam that you use to put together fake floral arrangements and is very light with a fine cell structure. You can get it in a green color in Michaels craft stores and maybe Hobby Lobby if you have one nearby. They sell it in hobby shops too where you can buy model trains under different names. The stuff for train building dioramas is usually a lot nicer than the floral foam since it is designed for the purposes of mini-landscaping.

When you use those foam tools just make sure to have a fan suck the fumes away from you, it can be smelly. You can also use a soldering iron to put in details or the foam knife tools in our online store. The foam tools are designed for foams while soldering irons can work but get hotter than needed.


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It looks like you made some major progress. I appreciate the simple set and puppet designs, it all looks very clean. I think if you keep at it and you make sure your story is interesting it should be great.


SURREAL CLAYMATION: Eye Can Change. (stop motion...

I express myself through clay animation and I love to experiments with clay as well as with different textures, materials and shapes.

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Rest in peace worm Nice video!

Test Animation

I was doing an art trade with someone where I would make a clay figure of their character (the woman in the video) and they would draw me a picture...

It seems like the picture uploading problem with our site may have been resolved. It has plagued us for a long time, but I think a recent server... Show more

It seems like the picture uploading problem with our site may have been resolved. It has plagued us for a long time, but I think a recent server upgrade caused a fix that previously didn't work to resolve. Keeping fingers crossed...
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Nice message Drago,thanks for sharing it!

4D Final The Burden of Home

This video may help. It shows the basics of using styrofoam to create the major rock formations:


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I haven't, do you know if those ads are online? It's good to know though, especially since studios are having a hard time now due to the pandemic.


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Hi Gold, welcome to the site. Good timing on the pause! Sometimes animators are afraid of long pauses but it definitely sold the reaction.

"Ghosts!" A short stop motion by Faces Of Fear

This is our first ever try at a stop motion animation/Claymation! Hopefully you enjoy this quick little sketch we put together!Thanks for watching....

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Yup, and the humans will go insane looking for the gift!

Magical Cat: Episode 7

We made a holiday episode of "Magical Cat". This one was tricky for us because we had to learn how to wire and animate tiny lights for the fire.

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I hope you get a lot of likes and followers, you definitely deserve it. The whole thing is really well done.

🐾A Dog Tail (Episode 10) "Coco's New Pet"🐾🐶🐹

✨It’s been quite a while and Coco still very much misses the baby hatchimal bird they looked after last Easter. So Pinch decides to fill the little...