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Hi everyone, sorry for the recent site crash. I tried updating things again, however it's one of the most complex updates I need to do. There's a... Show more

I should be able to update our site later this month. Should we keep this theme for the site or should I give it a fresh look?

wilbro912 i like it just the way it is 2 months ago
wilbro912 but you can change it if you want 2 months ago
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Very nice! Sometimes the simple things are the best solutions.

behind the scenes of my claymation bouncy square

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Not bad at all!

claymation #7 - soccer dude

my first 2D stop motion

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Hey Penguin, I just edited your post so the video would show. All you need to do in the future is just post the link without using that video embed code. I will see if I can fix that on the back end here for the future. Your short film turned out really good! It makes me want to see more. Are you going to make it into a series?


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Not bad Gornon, it's a simple idea but in a way there's a bit of comedy to the story. It hearkens back to the 1950's when B-movies always had alien...

The Alien Hunter

The Alien Hunter (2021)

Hmm, I can't think of a use off-hand for mattress springs. Unless you've got a specific need, it might be a good idea to take a few out with some pliers and hold onto them in case something comes up?