Hi LER, technically you can use an android phone to photograph your frames as long as you lock it down somehow. That could be with tape, velcro etc. I know with the IPhone you can use the ear buds to snap frames in some of the stop mo apps. It has that little volume adjustment button so you never touch the phone.

What you might try is to get a cheap webcam that works on your Mac and put it along side your phone. One can be used to view the animation in your capture program (Mac) one can be used for capturing high quality frames (Android). That is probably the cheapest and most convenient way I can think of. You could even do that with your future DSLR if you can't for some reason hook it up to your Mac. Though I had a Mac Mini and it wasn't too difficult using a USB port.

Here are some Webcam options that I found: www.imore.com/best-webcams-mac