Do you want to show off your latest stop motion project? Or maybe you want some helpful ideas or have questions about how to build a puppet or build your sets? That's what this Feedback section is all about.

You can post drawn or digital design sketches, photos, videos, kickstarter or other campaigns for us to talk about. You can also ask questions that you need answers to. Members can then see your work and give you their opinions, advice or offer support.

How to Post Your Stuff:

Post your work in our forums right here in our latest created thread so we know show it during our live broadcast. Copy and paste your links and video URLs right into the post. If at all possible, please don't use copyrighted music or clips in your videos or YouTube will give us a strike.

To post your photos in the forums, first make sure to press the Action button, then click Reply. This gives you the special options for posting attachments, such as your photos.


Next, click the Attachments button, then the + Add Files button to select the file on your computer for upload.


Finally, click the In Message button for your attachment to show up in the message body for everyone to see.