Hi everyone, I decided that now might be the best time to have a new contest. This new contest is for anyone who does not have stop motion capture software and would like some to start animating. However anyone can enter at any age and skill level. The only thing I'd like is to make sure I'm giving out stop motion software to those who need it, so you must answer this question when you post your entry:

- Do you have stop motion capture software?
(yes or no)

That being said, I hope everyone will enter just for fun even if you have a program you animate with!

The Rules:

1) Create a stop motion scene of your (or a fictitious characters') daily life. This will require making one or more puppets in an environment such as a room, with props and some lighting. Get creative and come up with a fun theme you'd be interested in bringing to life.

2) You must hand make your puppets, but sets can use found items such as toys or things lying around your home.

3) Post one or a few photos as a reply in this message board thread to show off your entry. Your scene must be posted by May 11th before midnight which is 2 weeks from now.

4) Make sure to answer the question "Do you have stop motion capture software?" in your post. Anyone who answers (yes) is not eligible to get a copy of Stop Motion Pro SD. However I will critique everyone who posts an entry at the end of the contest.


The prize is Stop Motion Pro SD (for webcams, not DSLR's). It's actually great software that works on Windows based computers which you can read about here:



If you have any questions about all of this, please ask as a reply and I'll respond as soon as I can. Good luck everyone!