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New animation I finished called Rabbit Trick. Final film for my college portfolio! =)

Rabbit Trick

Awaking in an empty room, a small rabbit discovers what lies beyond his cell door.

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Newest animation is finally finished after 6 months of work, Magic Marker. Tried to mix different styles of animation in this one to step a little... Show more

Magic Marker

Follow the nameless gentleman's journey in the unknown, and his efforts to avoid a power-corrupt force from harming him.

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Trailer for an upcoming animation I've been working on since January, check it out! =)

Magic Marker (Trailer)

Here's a trailer for my upcoming stop motion + 2D animation hybrid short film, called "Magic Marker." Follow the nameless gentleman's journey in the...

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I like the new site!

animateclay Thanks Jack! I'm sure there will be a few bugs to squash still. 9 years ago