Mr_Force replied to the topic 'Stop Motion DSLR Murder?' in the forum. 2 years ago

Camera Comes first Steppers and motion controls comes later, Don't rush in to things. Dragon frame has it all there so every one can work their way in to it as they grow.

Dragon frame has MOCO a motion control system using stepper motors. Dragon frame control up to 16 motors, so if you have the hardware it can be used to control focus, zoom, Aperture as well as a Camera Slide, Dolly, Stage, PAN, TILT, ROLL on a frame per frame bases as well you can use DMX to control Lights (512 ch). With home built hardware and a Arduino to control Steppers from DF, something I'm working on here at Stop Motion Magic and there is a few vids on YT about it as well. I 3D print my Follow Focus and Zoom arm for my Rig using a pancake Nema17 Stepper with Micro stepping. Its been a work in progress for more then a year or so.