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hey it turned out ok, welcome to the world of 2D if you every need links to 2D based info and Youtube channels for learning I know a few.

A Birthday Message

This is my first attempt at hand-drawn animation. We all have to start somewhere :-)

animateclay Looks really good to me, even for a first attempt! 2 years ago

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animateclay I know I probably mentioned this before Jim but your camera setup is really nice. 4 years ago

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Workplace Safety - Eye Protection

Short video promoting the use of safety glasses and goggles.

Colin and The Big Book of Magic

This short film is about Colin, a young magician learning his trade from The Big Book of Magic in his loft apartment with his companion Stuart....

Still Life

What happens when an artist's paintings are too life like?

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What A Wonderful World

A short clip with a fish singing "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong.

Creator VS Clay (Stop Motion Short)

Enjoy! (Sorry for the lighting I had to work with what I had.) Social media: SUPPORT MY CHANNEL -

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Crawling Hand Test

This is a very short clip I created to try out my crawling hand. The hand was animated using a series of 4 hands, each in a different position. The...