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Very interesting and you made use of many techniques and mediums as papers and clay, and special effects. So ambitious..and surrealist, my favorite topic. Great stuff!


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cool stuff!


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I try to listen to music for sure , among my top inspiring moments. But also if ideas dont come i get back to past ideas written down somewhere. and films too. or some reading can also help. Actually there is so much to get inspired from. Maybe the challenge is where to get the time to accomplish what inspired you.


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Welcome Esplugues! hope you keep adding more movies this year.


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Incredible piece.
Answering your question. I think as long as you are capturing more than one image and try to tell a story, you are indeed making a stop motion sequence.
So yours is the case.

At first I thought your doll was a female frankenstein, but then Frankenstein is the doctor. And the beast is the monster or prometheus. I suppose is the one who carry the woman in the end.
Very cool. And nice music atmosphere.

Keep working hard.


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Hello there Marc,

I am not entirely sure whether this video applies for being shown. I mean it is not an actual claymation, work in progress, or anything like a short film other than my very first tutorial. It is however the best evidence I have regarding my return into stopmotion. And I thought perhaps it could be shared nonetheless. I was hoping to have either some work in progress or an actual animation but life getting in the way didnt let me have anything complete for tonight.
Below the video I thought could be fun to post the following trivia, or fun fact.

TRIVIA (things never mentioned on the video or ever explained anywhere)

1 - This video is pretty much a combination of Marc Spess (2007) and Nick Hilligoss tutorials (2010) . From both I tried to come up with a fusion so that it would be an easy how-to video. At first I wanted to explain both ways of making all in one video but it was too long. So I decided to break it down to one way of making things simple and one way of going a bit further. However, using steel feet was nothing I have available, so I used marc spess way of doing feet (but assembled as if on steel)

2 - This thing about "dynamic" vs "simplified" was nothing I ever heard of but an idea that I improvised on the making. I was trying to drive my viewers attention and I wasnt sure how, and as many of you know, I am not a great comedian (also I dont usually smile in front of a camera) so I developed this idea of adding 2D animated sequences or layouts...which more or less looks like a retro video game of main menu.

3 - The mummy puppet from behind, who also got his own name (BRONCO) was meant to be interactive. Call me crazy but I was obsessed with the idea of having some kind of guest and I thought about that puppet to interact and suggest througout the video. Eventually I had to leave that option. Perhaps for another time.

4 - Largely what took me the most was being convinced with my own accent. I spent not one day, not a week, but about two long weeks only performing. Much of what you see in the video a big mix of several recording and re-recordings. I would go to the mirror and test every now and then endings, closure, and many other things to say that were never put on the final edition. I also watched many youtubers, tips, and first time video from many vloggers to find myself confident to get mine worked out. While you see a simple video among many other tutorial on the internet...that was perhaps the most challenging video I have done this year. And probably in so long.

5 - I learned the hard way choosing your favorite music is not a good idea. Ever since monetizing videos on youtube adding your music is just not as good as you want to. Youtube will ruin it and the biggest risk is they may silent your video as soon as it is up online. So silly thing I wanted to add only 20 seconds on each song so that youtube would not mess with my video. Even so that was lots of time editing for nothing. All in all there is many ways to have music for free and save your time and a big headache.


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Baldis basics claymation (fan made)

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