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Payanga Tras cámara 4

Tras cámara del rodaje de la serie infantil PAYANGA.

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Great section, Marc. we could also mention SMODO eventually. It is still a brand new techonlogy that hasn`t even been tested by all animators yet.

As for 3D printers. Blending new and old technologies to me is THE FUTURE.

Seriously, what could be better than embracing the past with the present if not by unifying two mediums into one?

As far as taking advantage of time and even saving time, that is indeed a great thing to consider. Now if you like the craftmanship aspect of it, you can argue the this aspect is kind of missing. But it is not a reason to discard the whole concept of it and its wonderful advantages. I mean you can always do anything at manual as you wish, but it is a matter of time. That would be the first question that we should make to ourselves: how much time do I really have on my favor? and from there you can make a CHOICE. Simple as that. Allows you to do something and not taking away the craft. It makes perfect sense to me.I mean it is not resigning your creative skills and being ruled by a machine. That, perhaps, is the first thing that people may normally feel . or fear? But I certainly thing is an advantage to all artist out there to get things done. For the good!


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Thank you.

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Why did you steal my burger? | Animation

What happens when a Macaw wants your food. ✔️Support the channel and subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU-7AgHStIDoHU-i7qJaYAw ✔️ Follow...

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wow, man. terrific work in here. from cgi to puppet performance and sound editing. you clearly put some serious energies here. You may want to remember this animation for the days to come. Trust me, THIS SHAPES YOU ahead. If you want to become a true artist, remember your steps and let them guide you to what would be next. You have the talent, you have what it takes to become an animator. No, I am not talking about making lots of money or being super popular in the social media. Nothing wrong if that would be some kind of pursuit , but my point is more towards your learning curve as animator which is way more enrichment than any other goals you could think of.


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Hasaniwalker wrote: This is my first time posting here. My name is Hasani and I'm trying to get word out on my Stop motion web series "My Bedroom Door". Currently I work at Laika studios in an entry level job at the moment but I'm hoping to make my way up and maybe someday work on animations full-time. I made a patreon page to help support personal projects like my stop motion web series. Any support or word spread about the patreon page would be greatly appreciated.


Also, my Stop motion web series is currently at 23 episodes! with entry 24 coming October 13th. I hope to continue this story to a finale and create more in the future with the help of Patrons.

If you haven't seen the series, here's a link to the playlist from episode 1 to 23!



Will be checking out your series. It is always good to see people working on long-term goals as series can be. Kepp up the great work!


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7stomo7 wrote: I just finished my first stop motion video and would like to hear some critisism and suggestions for improvements.
I really had some problems with my puppet with wire armature. Precise movements were very hard to do. So I will definitely make a new puppet for my next project - probably soft clay. Also the scale (1:6) turned out to be difficult. My next puppet will be much smaller. The shadows on the background (sky) should also be avoided. I hope you can give me some suggestions for my further projects.


looking great. keep it up! I loved how you played with your space adding cut-out technique for background resources. That was very clever.


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