Here is a series of pictures sent in to us by Richie for his latest project. All the text below except our notation is from Richie. You can contact here: richard at or visit his site here.


The demons armature was built by a guy in New York named Carlos Garcia. I bought it off eBay for $300. It was a regular human armature to begin with, but he changed it for no extra fee to my specific requests.



All those black details are made of Friendly Plastic, and added by me. What looks like a breathing mechanism is actually joints to make the breasts and belly bounce around when he´s walking.



Don´t know yet how that will work as I´ve only done some test animations of him. Carlos armature is fantastic. It´s moves are silk-smooth and the joints are super-strong.



Note: Friendly Plastic is a type of soft plastic you place in hot water to sculpt. Once cool it hardens.



Also, there´s a light in the back of the head of the puppet, so the eyes light up at the flick of a hidden switch. He will be animated in a pretty dark minature temple set.



The demon puppet is built for a home movie called "Demon of the Black Tower". I shot live-action scenes last summer against a blue screen and am now working with adding the animation and backgrounds. It´s supposed to be a pulp/sword and sorcery pastiche, very much inspired by the paintings of Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo. The modelwork and animations will hopefully provide a Harryhausen/O´Brien touch.



....a snapshot from the blue screen sessions and a detail from the cover of the fake pulp book featured in the story.