Finding work in the stop motion field can be a daunting thing. Most people will ask themselves - hmm, do I go to college? Do I spend 40,000 dollars to learn this craft? Or is there a way I can save my money and get work on my own?

If you love the art form of stop motion and really live for it, those are the kinds of people who are most likely to get hired by a studio. It's a love affair and not something that has to do with being famous and making millions of dollars. In a lot of cases you don't even need a college education. When it comes to colleges, usually studios go to the local art college to find employees. There's also another way studios find help.

Since the people already working in studios have the same passion for stop motion, they are going to help people similar to them. In other words finding work in stop motion depends on who you know and your genuine passion for it. Perhaps your just that kind of person reading this article now.

If your trying to find work, first you need to share your passion. I recommend you make a web site and upload pictures of your work. Put your videos on YouTube, and then share your links everywhere you can. Place your web site link in your e-mail signature, your message board signatures, in your YouTube video descriptions "or incorporate the link in your videos", put them on business cards, make rubber stamps out of them to stamp your mail, put them on your stationary and on your resume. This is just basic marketing and will help you in the next stage.

Now that you've got your work online, it's all about how well you network with people. The internet is extremely powerful! Only ten years ago, most of what you see on the net didn't exist. Today finding connections is much more convenient and only a few mouse clicks away. Did you know there are many producers, animators, college animation professors and studio employees on the internet? Many can be found on MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, message boards related to animation, blogs and other spots. Many can be e-mailed just by going to their web site and trying to start conversations. Yes, it is that easy, and most people overlook this. Instead focusing on writing studios directly when they are looking for work.

If you find just one person who likes your abilities, they might help you out and find you work. So who exactly do I recommend you try to contact first? My advice is to find a person who inspires you. Then if you can't contact them "Ray Harryhausen for example would be tough", then try to find people who worked with him. If you do, you already have a topic to talk about. Your hero Ray Harryhausen! It's a great way to start the conversation, and it is the best way to get into what you love doing. You may get a job offer when you least expect it, and you'll learn from your new friends in the process.