Feedback Week #12: June 5th Live Show Discussion

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Feedback Week #12: June 5th Live Show Discussion #1666
Hey. I'm working on a project. I would love some advice on some things!

"A preview of my newest claymation project.
Two mischievous turtles get carried away playing pranks.
Background music is a clip from one of my original song recordings.
I used this song only for the preview, the final version will have full dialogue, and include new music as well.
These turtles have more pranks to pull..."

I guess my biggest question would be how to fix (or avoid getting) dirty or distorted clay.
I'm not sure how noticeable it is, but the turtles in the first scene are a lot cleaner and smoother looking than in the later.
Some time had passed by before I shot the last scene and the clay had accumulated dirt. They also get pretty messed up if I have to move them around a lot.
The clay smears and I spend a lot of time trying to fix and clean them. They never really quite go back to normal.
I have many more plans for these turtles! I'm willing to rebuild them if I have to, but I certainly don't want to have to keep doing that.
If you want to talk about it on your broadcast I'll try my best to be there when you stream it!

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Feedback Week #12: June 5th Live Show Discussion #1649
Our 12th Feedback Week! Please check out or page describing what this is all about here:

Anyone who wants feedback on their projects can do so by posting your pictures, videos, social media blogs and even campaigns as a reply to this post. We'll discuss it on June 5th live YouTube broadcast.

EDIT: I've updated this thread and pushed our next Feedback Week back a bit. I will most likely be on vacation the last week of this month (May), so it will be best to view any entries on the 5th.

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