Rainbow Cat Squad : The Wild Jungle - Claymation

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Rainbow Cat Squad : The Wild Jungle - Claymation #1727
Hey Everyone!
I'm working on a new project.

It's a sequel to this short film I made in January 2019. Before I had a decent camera to work with:

Like this previous episode, The Wild Jungle will feature hand painted backgrounds, original music and the same 8 cats.
I plan on this being about the same time-length but this episode will have a frame rate of 20fps instead of 10fps and have much better video/audio quality.
I'm keeping the design of the cat puppets incredibly simple so I can quickly rebuild them when they get messed up.
Also It will have a brand new intro :)

So far I have the basic story written, the new backgrounds are painted and all my puppets are sculpted (several jungle animals including a lion and a koala ;)
I have started animating but am only in the early stages.

For my previous film I sort of loosely wrote a script, shot the animation, then slightly adjusted the script to fit. This seemed to work for me last time so it is mainly how I'll be doing again this time around. There are a couple of parts, however, that I feel may work better if I record the voices first then animate to match.
I'm curious to hear how some of you animators tackle this.
Undeniably, the fact that the cats have no visible mouths makes things way easier when it comes to lining up script and video. I find animating these 8 characters (and often times more) at once to be quite a challenge without having to worry about moving the mouths to match the spoken words.

I've posted a few pictures from the intro of the film on this website. The intro will show several quick clips of the rainbow cats in different environments partaking in different activities that wont actually happen in the episode itself.

I will continue to update this topic as progress continues. If anyone has any questions, advice or suggestions I would love to discuss them here with you!

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