My wife and I created this small series called "Magical Cat" and are up to 5 episodes It's a simple setup and fun to animate, so I guess we'll keep... Show more

Magical Cat: Episode 5

What’s in those rain boots?! 👁👄👁

animateclay Lol, that's hilarious, you really have the reaction timing and expression down perfect. 3 months ago

Another episode of our little clay series called "Magical Cat". This time he turns himself into a quadrilateral!

Magical Cat: Episode 4

Snoozy buddy!

animateclay That was awesome lol. 5 months ago

Magical Cat is a series we created to keep ourselves busy and viewers entertained while quarantined. We write, design, build, shoot, and edit each... Show more

Magical Cat: Episode 3

Get the bug!!!

animateclay Reminds me of my cat, equipped with all the right tools but lacking much of a brain 6 months ago
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Hi everyone!

I'd like to share a project that my wife Alexis (a stop-motion production designer) and a couple other small studios have helped organize and maintain. It's called Animation Wild Card, and it's a group of professional stop-motion animation friends creating and/or sharing small shorts while under quarantine and releasing those shorts in batches as episodes. It's kind of a mixtape of animation, like that show KaBlam! from the 90s.

Two episodes have been released and my wife and I have created a short clay-animated series for the project using our leftover materials called Magical Cat. We plan to release a new episode every 2 weeks. Here are the first two episodes, please enjoy!


My wife and I made a 2nd episode of Magical Cat- a short series about a very non-magical cat.

Magical Cat: Episode 2

He found a pencil!

Tamarame is friends with Scottie D.

We made this short as part of a larger project called Animation Wild Card.

Magical Cat

What will he do next?!

Mystery Meat (SYFY)

We created this bumper for the SYFY network. Our goal was to give it a 90s feel by choosing a very 90s idea and using fun colors with bold lighting.


Our entry for the January 2019 Loop de Loop. The topic for this month was "window".

Spider vs. the Living Dead

One will catch you in it's web… The other will stalk you until you’re dead... Who will get the last bite in a battle between the world’s most...

I've been using a polymer clay for a while and I think it works great for animation. I like that I can bake pieces that I don't want to deform while animating. For example, eyeballs, teeth, shirt collars, etc.
Although it can't be melted for mixing batches of colors, I've found that mixing by hand is adequate for smaller personal projects.


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Made this for last month's 11 Second Club challenge. "Lynn" is made entirely out of Sculpey and Van Aken clay, with the exception of her wire and...