You read it correctly! The original King Kong from 1933 will be in theaters for one day, March 15th in over 600 movie theaters in the US. If you would like to find out if it will be at a theater in your zip code, click this link here. Why is this important? Stop motion film maker Willis O'Brien is thought to be the grandfather of the stop motion industry. He pioneered (along with Marcel Delgado and others) most the processes we take for granted in 2020. The use of machined armature parts, surface gages and many specialized film processes were started with the breakthroughs of O'Brien.

Ray Harryhausen leap frogged off of those original techniques to create his famous Dynamation process in later years. This in turn inspired the likes of Phil Tippett, Will Vinton, Nick Park and others who have carried the torch almost 100 years later. So if you want to see the film that started it all in the way it was meant to be seen, this may be your last chance.