This has to be one of the most exciting developments I've seen in the world of stop motion. You can now animate at 15fps and use AI to create automatic in-betweens like is done in traditional cel animation. The program called DAIN uses artificial intelligence to increase your frames up to 60 per second, giving ultra smooth motion to all your animation.

Now before you jump for joy, it will not create animation for you that looks better than your initial poses. So don't expect magic where you don't have to think about easing out an in, arcs, lines of motion, weight and a proper pose. However your animation will absolutely look smoother to the eye, and in some ways more immersive to the audience. At least in theory.

So what do you think? Do you feel 60fps takes the charm of stop motion away or adds another layer of realism? Or maybe you think it's best to have that surreal jittery look? Or maybe you feel this gives stop motion animators a new competative edge? Either way you can find this program over on the DAIN Patreon page by clicking here.