Henry Selick is no stranger to stop motion animation. Most know him from Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline which came out in 2009. Seven years have passed and unfortunately he hasn't had a new film get past the development stage. Recently however Victoria Rose helped Henry to construct some very advanced stop motion puppets for a project which unfortunately was dropped. What was it called? It's hard to know, but it may be A Tale Dark and Grimm. Or it could be from an earlier un-named project. Perhaps in time someone will fill us in with the details, but that's all I know right now. You can see the amazing puppets on Victorias Instagram by clicking here.

The thing to note here is Henry pioneered and advanced stop motion with almost every film he's made. 3-D printed faces in the above link show the expertise put into them and how they are infused with so much life, even without animation. The good news is that Travis Knight of Laika is quoted as saying his relations with Henry are positive and that a future collaboration is likely. So hopefully there will be more to come from Henry for all his fans.