Mooshine Animation created a video on how they created Figma Potato for their short animations. If you're not familiar with Moonshine, they create short films based around anime, memes and lots and lots of modified toys with occasional clay work as well. The team does make a modest amount of money for their creations through their Patreon. So if you're the type who wants to support stop motion check out how to donate on over here.

Have you seen Justins new series on how he thinks through his animation? Probably not as this is brand new and exciting stuff! If you'd like to subscribe to his YouTube channel you can do so right over here


Edu Puertas has made a video showing what he did to create his Matilda stop motion puppet. It's not a tutorial exactly but you can glean a lot of insight into how he went about creating her and how you could use the same processes.

robin robin

Bristol-based stop-motion animation studio Aardman Studios is working on its first project for Netflix— a new 30-minute special title Robin Robin, which will debut in time for Christmas 2020. The “mini-movie” tells the story of a bird, who is raised by a loving family of mice, after her egg rolls into a rubbish dump.

The announcement of the special was followed up with the news that Aardman’s A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon is joining feature slate. Netflix has picked up the sci-fi/comedy sequel for the U.S., Canada and Latin American markets from StudioCanal.

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FILTH Promo 2


Bloodied, bruised and left for dead a man will stop at nothing to exact gruesome revenge on those who wronged him. Aggressive, raw and unrelenting FILTH is the latest short from award winning director Adam Ciolfi. Having built its reputation on the festival circuit with 11 major awards along with 19 nominations FILTH is now unleashed on the public. 

From beginning to end, FILTH is the work of one dedicated individual. Inspired by the film noir movement of the 1940’s and the classic Universal monsters of the 1930’s, director Adam Ciolfi spent 2 years bringing this dark and violent story to life. 

Production began in November 2016 once the finishing touches were put on the script. A full year was devoted to pre-production, designing and building the characters and sets, drawing the over 300 storyboards and recording the vocal performances. Another year would be spent at the animation table, putting the characters through their paces one frame at a time. The epic fight scene that closes the film took 3 months alone to animate. The last shot went before the camera in September 2018. An accelerated post production followed with the film completed in December 2018. 

An extremely successful festival run began in January 2019. In the 11 months that followed, FILTH would go on to earn 11 major awards, receive a total of 19 nominations and screen at over 30 festivals. 

As FILTH made its way around the globe Adam spent the year in preproduction for his next short film. Animation on FROM HELL HE RIDES is set to begin in January 2020. This time taking inspiration from the spaghetti westerns of the 1960’s FROM HELL HE RIDES continues Adam’s penchant for mashing horror and classic cinema. 

Adam Ciolfi – director of FILTH’s lifelong fascination with stop motion animation began in 1975 when at age ten he discovered the work of Ray Harryhausen (The 7th Voyage of Sinbad) In 1977 he attempted his first film with a lump of clay and a Regular 8 camera. By 1985 he and his siblings had produced 26 amateur short films. 

THE LADY OF NAMES (2011) took 14 years to complete and would go on to screen at over 60 festivals worldwide, taking home the award for Best Animated Feature 9 times. He followed that up with the multi-award winning and critically acclaimed shorts BROKEN (2014) and HIVE (2016) 

 The link to the film is here.