What do you get when you cross Lego with the feature film The Shining? This stop motion piece by kreimkouk on YouTube of course! Kreimkouk says in his video description that "Made this over the course of 3 weeks and took around 50-60 hours. 2220 pictures @ 15 FPS." He also mentioned that YouTube took his original video down for the music which was copyrighted. At that time the video recieved over 30,000 views! A major feat, most likely due to how well it turned out.



Dancer Hokuto Konishi finished an amazing stop motion video utilizing thousands of cut outs. 4000 to be exact! In these two videos you can watch both the finished video and learn who created it and how it was made.

At first glance, this new show for the Universal Kids channel might look like a Bob the Builder clone. With tool in hand, Norman is able to fix just about any problem his woodsy neighbors can come up with. The idea is a wholesome one as this show is aimed at pre-school aged kids on working together. It's all about the team work! The new series is made by the talented crew at Factory in Manchester U.K. Their web site is full of photos and information which you can find here. If you want to learn more about the show to find out what times to watch, or if you want to learn about the characters in the show click here.

The popular channel counter656 on YouTube created a stop motion film to bring the cards and characters to life for their popular card game. The channel has almost one million subscribers and is one of the most famous stop motion channels to date. So the question now is - is the card game now popular because the stop motion video went viral? Maybe, the animation has so far generated almost 300,000 views since positng it. You can read about their card game by clicking here.


Missing Link is finally on DVD! For those of you who missed it in theaters (some say the marketing was very limited), you can now watch it at home. Collider reviewed the new release and they go through all of the additional behind the scenes clips that they added on. So if you'd like to know what went into making the film, this may be a great resource to have handy for inspiration when you're not feeling creative. Take a look at the trailer and read the Collider review by clicking here.