REBOX_FINAL - OVERWATCH - BUTTON from jriggity on Vimeo.

Justin Rasch is at it again! Justin who is known for Geralds Last Day film and his amazing animation at Laika put together this latest piece. All he wrote in the description was "I did this short test mixing video and stopmotion as a fun button to the Overwatch short film {Trace and Bake}". Upon looking at his other videos the main premise is that the line of Overwatch statues look so cool, maybe they come to life and play the game! So the short animations he created are how he imagined they would move if they came to life.

THE SEPARATION from Robert Morgan on Vimeo.

Every now and then you come across a creepy and dark stop motion film. The Separation is probably one of those films that you never forget after you've watched it for a very long time. The film follows the lives of conjoined twins and their struggle with being permanently separated with one another and the solution to their torment

Have you ever wanted to learn the proper way to animate? Alan shows you many of the principles that animators had to learn during the earliest days of cinema.


Paul Jenkins has been hard at work on his short film POLAR, which came out today. The quality of his puppets, sets and animaiton is very high and are as good as any big studio. Click here to take a look. He also has a blog which features some of his other animations, tests and photos of his in-progress models. You can see it all at

"Wow! is an animated short film by Cameron & Emma Foxly, that is currently in preproduction. It is a nights and weekends passion project for the us, featuring traditional 2D animation by Cameron, composited into physical sets made by Emma. The project is likely to take a substantial amount of time, so this blog is a place for us to post progress as we create the world and learn how to fabricate tiny things, to explain to our friends why we spend so much time holed-up crafting, and to keep us excited about the work we’re doing."

If you'd like to check out the official blog you can do so by clicking here. If you'd like to check out their Instagram page (there are videos and photos) click here. You can watch a sample of their animation on Vimeo right over here.