Eric Urban is founder of Lub Blub, an indie videogame and animation studio. He has worked on films such as ParaNorman to Robot Chicken and created his own little company. His goal is to work on making stop motion based video games. From the looks of things he's already making some impressive animations and put together a blog to document his progress. Take a look at his blog and what he has so far by clicking here.

Justin Rasch has been working with the Overwatch team as a CG animator. However Justin is also known to animate on stop motion features at Laika - so they gave him a new job. To make an advertisement video for YouTube to promote the video games 2nd year anniversary.



You may have heard of Peter Ellis in the past with his Dan of the Dead project. He has been working in stop motion for quite some time but has recently decided to add more extensive content to his YouTube channel. It is called My Animated Life: Peter Ellis and so far is growing in both informative videos and subscribers.

Peter has a lot of plans, one that include creating a free E-book on how to make stop motion films. Peter tells me he is already working on that and is considering creating some stop motion courses as well. So if this all sounds as good to you as it did to us, you may want to subscribe to his YouTube channel by clicking here.

As of now he has a few playlists, the latest one is where he is creating a Mini Me puppet. It's a small version of himself where he will animate it as a mini-mascot of sorts in his own likeness. Check that one out here. He also has a general tutorial playlist on how to work with mobile phone stop mo apps, DIY sliders and puppet making over here.

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