Michal Lubinski wrote that his film is about "A story of an unexpected late night visit and a teenager faced with the terror of what he thought was just a fairy tale.". What do you think?

Ainslie has created this mini-masterpiece in stop motion. It is about the philosophical aspects of what it means to bring characters to life, one frame at a time.


Don't be scared, Chuck Steel will save us from the Trampires! If you haven't already checked out the new web site it is well worth the visit. Everything from their updated blog, pictures, trailer, job opportunity section and more. Head on over by clicking here.

A new documentary is in the works called Welcome to My Daydream. A lot of footage has been shot, including interviews with more interviews to come. From the looks of the footage that has been revealed, the documentary appears to be a difinitive look at the life of Claymation inventor Will Vinton. Will has contributed so much to the world of stop motion through his lifes work, this Kickstarter is a must for those who want to know the whole story. Some of the perks include having your own Claymation puppet made of you, and even animated in the documentary. But the best perk will just be having such a film made to begin with. Please watch the video on the official Kickstarter campaign page by clicking here, or by visiting the official Facebook page by clicking here.