At just about any moment of any day in Oregon, someone is making animation. Home of Oscar-winning artists, Portland is considered one of the stop-motion capitals of the world. In this 30-minute special, we’ll meet the artists who have made Oregon an animation powerhouse, including Claymation creator Will Vinton, animation makers Rose Bond, Jerold Howard, Joan Gratz, artists at LAIKA, and more! To watch the special just click here.

Sam Barnett is working on his latest series right now. He created a Kickstarter campaign that looks interesting. The story he tell is based on how cultural experiences and aspects of society get into our heads and lead our actions (in a nutshell). You can see all his work on his official YouTube channel by clicking here. Or, click here to go to his Kickstarter campaign for the latest episode.

MeekMadMisinformed is a YouTube channel by Kool Koala Productions up in Canada. They created a film and also documented how they did it. You can visit the channel here to see the rest of their videos as well as their final film.