Have you heard about this brand new Netflix series? Made by the creators of Robot Chicken it looks to be just as well made!

Here is an interesting student film trailer for a project called The Curse of the Were-Rat. According to the description "the Curse of the Were-Rat follows the story of a cat whose life suddenly lies in jeopardy as a bloodthirsty, dark arts enthusiast will do anything to achieve his goal. The clock is ticking. The atmosphere thickens with every second. One thing is certain. Before midnight, everyone will be put to their final test."

The quality looks absolutely amazing with great lighting, animation and details all over. Jan Julian Rospond tells us that the film will soon be released in-full. When that happens we'll post it up on our page here for everyone to see. For now, here is the trailer:

The Curse of the Were-Rat Official Trailer from Jan Julian Rospond on Vimeo.