Passion Pictures released a really amazing stop motion film which utilized 3-D printing for their puppet replacement faces. The animation is also extremely good and the video has gone completely viral! So what are your thoughts about stop motion that looks so perfect? Can it be improved upon even further? If you'd like to read more about the production and why this video was created to begin with, check out this behind the scenes video below.

Ben is an aspiring stop motion film maker who has a very nice blog documenting his creations. He is in his third year at Rochester Institute of Technology's (RIT) Film and Animation program. See how he built his sets, puppets, armatures, storyboards and more by clicking his blog here. He also has a Vimeo page if you want to bypass the blog and get to see the his animations by clicking here.

BROKEN is Adam Ciolfi's latest film which is sure to frighten you and make you wonder what the future of cyborgs may bring. But there is more, Adam has a blog detailing how his film was made. This includes set pictures, pictures he took during his animation and how his puppets were made. There's lots to learn just by looking at the photos, so head on over and see for yourself by clicking here.

If you aspire to make films like Aardman, A Grand Night In is a new documentary worth your time. It shows Aardmans humble beginnings in a small one room studio all the way to their big future film project that is currently in the works called Early Man. It is a story like no other from the mouths of the voice actors, animators and the producers of the award winning company that has made a major mark in the world of stop motion. The only bad thing about this documentary is it seems to be limited to the audience in the US right now. Hopefully they will branch off into other parts of the world, but I imagine it will find its way into other markets. You can read more about the film on the Netflix USA web site by clicking here.